Referral Raw Document

When a Person submits a referral to your organization using Supportable’s provided referral form, a Referral Raw Document is created. A Referral Raw Document contains all of the answers to the questions on the referral form as they were answered at the time of submission. These values may be changed over time during the intake process, but they will always remain preserved in their original state in the Referral Raw Document. If more than one service (Offering) is requested by the Person on the referral form, the referral is split into as many Referral Process Documents which are all associated with the one Referral Raw Document.

Sample Request #

HeadersAuthorization = Bearer [token]

Sample Response JSON #

Status: 200

  "id": "635187d4ca0b1fdec440a786",
  "referenceToken": "20221020173932",
  "sections": [
      "sectionId": "chooseServices",
      "sectionHeader": "Choose Services",
      "sectionSubHeader": "Let's determine what services you wish to apply for today!",
      "questions": [
          "id": "services",
          "label": "Please tell us what service(s) you are looking for today!
You may choose more than one.",
          "type": "checkboxList",
          "isRequired": true,
          "options": [
              "id": "6398d485904c0725a6e5610f",
              "name": "Comprehensive Assessment"
              "id": "6311a1dac42741794219e7bd",
              "name": "Diagnostic Assessment"
              "id": "6398c633904c0725a6e560fe",
              "name": "Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)"
          "value": "6398d485904c0725a6e5610f,6311a1dac42741794219e7bd"
        . . .
      "subSections": null
    . . .
  "subEntity": {
    "id": "6398b8a6904c0725a6e560f2",
    "status": true,
    "name": "DOBIS Recovery"
  "internal": false

Notes on Values #

AttributeData TypeDescription
idstringThe unique identifier of the Referral Raw Document.
referenceTokenstringA token, similar to a confirmation number, given to the referent once the referral is submitted, for later reference and lookup.
sectionsarray of objectsThe sections (pages) of the referral form.
sections.sectionIdstringThe unique identifier for the section.
sections.sectionHeaderstringThe header for the section, as it appeared on the referral form.
sections.sectionSubHeaderstringThe sub-header for the section, as it appeared on the referral form.
sections.questionsarray of objectsThe questions which appear in the referral form section.
sections.questions.idstringThe unique identifier for the question.
sections.questions.labelstringThe label of the question, as it appeared on the referral form.
sections.questions.typestringThe input type of the question, be it a radio, textbox, textarea, etc.
sections.questions.isRequiredbooleanWhether an answer to the question was required to proceed to the next section of the referral form.
sections.questions.optionsarray of objectsOptions given to the referent to answer the question, if any. The options contained here are dynamic and do not follow a specific schema.
sections.questions.valuestringThe answer given by the referent. If the question had options, the answer will correspond to one or more of the options given. If not, the answer will appear as it was given by the referent.
sections.subSectionsarray of objectsAny sub-sections that appeared within this section on the referral form. A subSection follows the same schema as a section. A subSection may also contain its own subSections.
subentityobjectThe sections (pages) of the referral form.
subentity.idstringThe unique identifier of the Sub-Entity.
subentity.namestringThe name of the Sub-Entity.
subentity.statusstringWhether the Sub-Entity is active in Supportable.
internalbooleanWhether the Referral Raw Document was created by someone within the organization.