Contacts are persons outside of the organization with whom the intake team must communicate and coordinate. Contacts are associated with Persons. At this time, Contacts are not shared between Persons.

Sample Request #

HeadersAuthorization = Bearer [token]

Sample Response JSON #

Status: 200

    "id": "63994900375b94cfdaedad3b",
    "status": true,
    "name": "Lina Liamson",
    "personId": "63994727375b94cfdaedad34",
    "phone": "7777777777",
    "phone2": null,
    "phone3": null,
    "email": null,
    "email2": null,
    "address": null,
    "fax": null,
    "fax2": null,
    "organization": null,
    "organizationOther": null,
    "relationship": {
      "id": "62fdfa10e34d63f231759082",
      "name": "Other family/relative"
    "relationshipOther": null,
    "isEmergency": true,
    "isGuardian": false,
  . . .

Notes on Values #

AttributeData TypeDescription
idstringThe unique identifier of the Contact.
statusbooleanWhether the Contact is active in Supportable. If false, the Contact has been removed from the Person’s Contact list in the applicationt.
namestringThe name of the Contact.
personIdstringThe unique identifier of the Person with whom the Contact is associated.
phonestringThe primary phone number of the Contact.
phone2stringThe secondary phone number of the Contact.
phone3stringThe tertiary phone number of the Contact.
emailstringThe primary email of the Contact.
email2stringThe secondary email of the Contact.
addressstringThe address of the Contact.
faxstringThe primary fax of the Contact.
fax2stringThe secondary fax of the Contact.
organizationobjectThe organization, if any, to which the Contact belongs.
organization.idstringThe unique identifier of the organization.
organization.namestringThe name of the organization.
organization.statusbooleanWhether the organization is active in Supportable.
organizationOtherstringThe name of the organization, if not included in Supportable’s list of organizations.
relationshipobjectThe relationship of the Contact to the Person.
relationship.idstringThe unique identifier of the relationship.
relationship.namestringThe name of the relationship.
relationship.statusbooleanWhether the relationship is active in Supportable.
relationshipOtherstringThe name of the relationship, if not included in Supportable’s list of organizations.
isEmergencybooleanWhether the Contact holds emergency contact status on the Person’s Contact list.
isGuardianbooleanWhether the Contact holds guardian status on the Person’s Contact list.