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Supportable is the perfect solution for verifying billing and insurance information. Our system’s integration with Availity features a user-friendly interface that is fast, efficient, and reliable to optimize cash flow. If you’re a health service company looking to improve your benefit verification, here’s how Supportable can help.

Our Insurance Verification Services

Many health practices wrestle with payment backlogs and denied claims frustrating customers and their insurance companies. Fortunately, Supportable tracks patient information with a simple layout, so you can make updates without risking denials or payment issues. Our insurance eligibility verification software

  • Audits in real-time based on denial history and past payments
  • Alerts registrars with important patient information
  • Accountability opportunities and quick resolutions for key issues, like benefit limitations or missing data
  • Detects found benefit coverage for maximum payment services
  • Confirms service coverage for billing companies

With Supportable, you can expect improvements in your claim rates, visibility on full benefit coverage, registration speed, and staff productivity. Multi-stage tracking and organization in the system helps your staff save time and energy when verifying patients’ insurance coverage.

Efficiency at Its Finest

We created Supportable with efficiency in mind. Our platform’s real time insurance eligibility verification turns your behavioral health or mental health billing services into a seamless operation. The real time metrics enable you to track revenue cycles, medical billing and health insurance verification through one portal.

Improve Revenue and Patient Satisfaction

Supportable’s real-time insurance verification metrics reduce denials making it easier to recover lost profits. The simple interface ensures more staff accountability and faster patient turnover. Doing so improves patient satisfaction for higher revenue. 

Why Supportable is Right for You

Supportable isn’t like any other mental health billing solution on the market. We use customizable solutions to bring automation, reliability, and productivity for your business. We built Supportable to serve various health service industries ranging from substance abuse treatment to mental health clinics to nursing homes and much more. Rather than continue to use older processing programs, let Supportable maximize your intake operations today.

Contact us to get started. You can call us at 952-564-3005 or send us an email. Better yet, fill out our online submission form. Once we set up a time that works for you, we’ll walk you through all the features our software has to offer.

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