Each Sub-Entity in Supportable has a list of Offerings (services) it administers.

Sample Request #

HeadersAuthorization = Bearer [token]

Get Information on All Offerings for a Sub-Entity #


Get Information for an Individual Offering #


Sample Response JSON #

Status: 200

    "id": "636d1c9f582a9cb870f6cc9a",
    "status": true,
    "name": "OM-RR-Asmt",
    "offeringType": {
      "id": "61d6dcdb1a28b5d9378ea619",
      "status": true,
      "name": "Comprehensive Assessment"
    "shortName": "Asmt",
    "preferred": {
      "name": "Substance Use Assessment",
      "shortName": "Asmt"
  . . .

Notes on Values #

AttributeData TypeDescription
idstringThe unique identifier of the Offering.
statusbooleanWhether the Offering is active in Supportable.
namestringThe official name of the Offering.
offeringTypeobjectThe Offering Type with which the Offering is associated.
offeringType.idstringThe unique identifier of the Offering Type.
offeringType.statusbooleanWhether the Offering Type is active in Supportable.
offeringType.namestringThe name of the Offering Type.
shortNamestringThe shortened name of the Offering, to be used in parts of the application to save space.
preferredobjectThe preferred, more end user/customer friendly alias for the offering (service).
preferred.namestringThe preferred full name of the Offering, as it appears in the application.
preferred.ShortNamestringThe preferred short name of the Offering, as it appears in the application.