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HIPAA is an integral part of healthcare today to protect patient confidentiality. Those in the healthcare industry are aware of the importance of HIPAA-compliant CRM software. It helps manage patient records while protecting their privacy.

Still, many healthcare businesses need to update their healthcare CRM. Here are some ways Supportable can help!

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) protects patient information. Under it, medical professionals cannot disclose sensitive information without patient consent. HIPAA compliance further requires all patient information and medical records to remain in safeguarded software.

Supportable is a HIPAA Compliant CRM

Therefore, all medical practices and private practitioners must store patient data in HIPAA-compliant CRM platforms. HIPAA compliance keeps everything secure under one operating system. With SUpportable, you’ll notice a wide range of CRM software features that comply with HIPAA, such as

  • IP Restrictions: Specify IP addresses to join accounts. These security features allow you to choose the exact locations of where to access records, protecting privacy and data security.
  • Single Sign-On: Allows employees to access data from one central location using a single sign-on (SSO). SSO eliminates the need for multiple passwords, password sharing, and other weak points for hackers or cyber attacks.
  • Employee Accountability: Supportable allows users to create custom roles to configure sites, groups, contact logs, audit logging, and more.
  • Document Tracking: Keep insurance, appointment reminders, and medical documentation safe and secure in one centralized, safeguarded location.

Why Supportable?

Supportable isn’t your typical healthcare CRM. Instead, we created Supportable to maximize automation, organization, reliability, and productivity for your business. After talking with healthcare professionals and reviewing office practices, we found disparities in internal organization, patient experience, and staff accountability. Many of these practices still use notepads and pens for data management and record keeping.

That’s why we created Supportable as the ultimate solution. Supportable is a system designed to maximize efficiency. As a HIPAA-compliant application, it minimizes wait time for staff to track patient referrals, medical documentation, and other sensitive data. You’ll notice dependable results in your marketing campaign to improve patient acquisition at your practice.

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