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We built Supportable out of necessity. After 30+ years of experience providing services to individuals in the Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Human Services, and Substance Use industry, we kept searching for but never found a solution to help us truly organize our intake operations.

Over and over, organization after organization, we found the same problems. It seemed like every time an intake staff left the company, we’d find a desk drawer full of unprocessed paper referrals that came in through fax or half completed referrals with no notes and unverified insurances. No trace of their progress towards admission, we were left picking up the pieces.

Then we found ourselves in an endless maze of spreadsheets or handwritten yellow notepads. We heard, “I had to go to a folder to enter a line on this tracker, then turn around and update another tracker that was tracking that tracker.” No one enters the Human Services field with dreams of managing the endless spreadsheets of their complicated intake process. We all know this maze ends with a revolving door of intake staff and bungled referrals.

We know how it feels to have discovered incomplete tasks and lack of processes. Insurance not verified. Funding not authorized. Communication missed. Time wasted. It can be incredibly overwhelming, frustrating, and demoralizing to be dealing with this constantly when what we want is to focus on providing quality care and customer service. Why keep adding to that?

We needed to make a change,

so we built Supportable.

We built a system that maximizes efficiency and the process of converting referrals into revenue. Supportable increases transparency so management can view the intake results and quickly identify bottlenecks. Analytics allow for real-time referral status and the ability to assess the health of the organization’s intake process.

Supportable decreases intake staff frustration and confusion, making them less likely to leave. The process is built to minimize need for constantly re-hiring staff. Supportable minimizes the time for intake staff to spend on each referral and helps organize information into one self-contained HIPAA compliant application. It provides a consistent process, while producing dependable results.

To achieve quality and continuity of care, an organization must understand how efficient their intake process has operated in the past, where they are today, and where they want to be tomorrow.

Supportable offers a dynamic solution to operate smoothly and transparently, all while gathering the meaningful information leadership needs to guide our business and achieve our goals.

Check out Supportable to see how we can help you increase revenue, capture marketing data, quickly verify insurance, document funding, increase the efficiency, and maximize intake staff’s time.

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