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We spent decades reviewing mental health intake practices to understand the common issues therapists and staff handle. Filing a new patient’s personal information and mental health history is overwhelming, especially with an outdated intake processing system. That’s why we created Supportable to simplify everything.

If you need reliable mental health referral and intake software, here’s how Supportable can help.

Mental Health Intake Assessment

Supportable is an all-in-one intake software designed with a simple design for easy usability. Our software hosts many features, like insurance orders, contact logs, and more. You can manage client progress through real-time tracking, note-keeping, and simplified health treatment plans. Supportable provides the perfect all-encompassing mental health intake form to reduce your workload.

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Referral Track Logs for Mental Health Referrals

Another one of Supportable’s key benefits is its referral tracking. Now, managing patient referrals has never been easier. Supportable enables you to review patients’ referral records, insurance documentation, and payment tracking. That way, you’re never overwhelmed with a new patient’s medical history and other important information.

Always HIPAA Complaint

Seeing lackluster medical software for mental health professionals spurred us to create Supportable with HIPAA compliance. Patient confidentiality is key for any physician, but it’s especially crucial in therapy and psychiatry. With Supportable, you never have to worry about losing confidential information or patient trust. Supportable keeps everything secure in a HIPAA-compliant database to streamline your daily operations.

Why Supportable?

We created Supportable with over 30 years of experience servicing mental health, behavioral health, human services, and substance use industries. After seeing the intake processing issues again and again – cluttered paperwork, unverified insurance claims – we knew we had to do something. We designed Supportable as an efficient, time and money-saving solution to streamline tracking referrals for mental health services. With Supportable, you won’t worry about messy desks or cluttered intake forms again.

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Whatever mental health services you offer, Supportable makes daily processing easy.

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