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Many health services still use note-taking and paper filing to record patient information today. That’s why we created Supportable. Now, you can use our referral program software to manage your referral process without risking backlogs or losing sensitive data. Here’s how Supportable can help your metric tracking and reporting.

Supportable Simplifies Referral Tracking

Referral tracking software is the best way to increase successful referrals with existing customers. Supportable lets you streamline, standardize, and automate your in-house operations with seamless flexibility. Our system offers a practical solution to improve patient communication, telehealth consultations, scheduling, and more.

Supportable strengthens outbound and inbound tracking for health services across the country.

Outbound Tracking

Supportable easily achieves 100% outbound referral loop closures. By promoting a value-based core model, Supportable allows you to focus on referral data from start to finish without issue. You’ll notice less time spent on patient pre-authorization, and optimizing customer acquisition for long-term success.

Inbound Tracking

Our inbound referral tracking system further improves staff efficiency while reducing patient leakage. Our software uses an advanced platform to expedite inbound referred customer information without risking backlogs. We kept the interface simple for users to go through patient portals and databases without losing track of critical data.

We’ve implemented Supportable with top-notch inbound tracking features to enhance staff accountability, like custom roles to control visibility. In doing so, you’ll see more patient retention, workflow optimization, and real-time tracking for your company.

Other Features

Aside from displaying referral history, Supportable hosts many other notable features making it the best referral-tracking software available. Mainly

  • Contact logs
  • Audit logging
  • Custom roles for increased visibility
  • Custom location configuration
  • Payer tracking
  • And much more

Why Supportable?

We created Supportable as the ultimate referral tracking software because of poor interoperability within the health service industry. We realized there’s a need for software that protects their customer base with smoother internal operations. Supportable is the go-to solution for any health service company seeking a change to its traditional operations.

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