Referral Process Checklist

Each Referral Process Document in Supportable has a set of Referral Process Checklists which refer to each stage in the referral’s intake process.

Sample Request #

HeadersAuthorization = Bearer [token]

Sample Response JSON #

Status: 200

  "id": "63518b9d2e75508514c59bcb",
  "processDocumentId": "63518b9d2e75508514c59bc9",
  "subEntityId": "6342d21bef17a9371572500a",
  "checklists": [
      "id": "6342ebe1ef17a9371572501d",
      "name": "ARMHS Screening Checklist",
      "isCompleted": true,
      "items": [
          "id": "6342ebe1ef17a93715725011",
          "label": "Check if client is already in Supportable *Search Active/Completed/Rejected",    
          "allowByPass": false,
          "value": "done",
          "notes": "Active",
          "completedOn": "2022-10-20T18:08:05.154Z",
          "updatedBy": {
            "id": "63517d302e75508514c59bc6",
            "name": "Johnson, John"
          "id": "6342ebe1ef17a93715725012",
          "label": "If Yes, add additional service to Start Referral",    
          "allowByPass": true,
          "value": "notapplicable",
          "notes": "no additional services needed",
          "completedOn": "2022-10-20T18:09:42.870Z",
          "updatedBy": {
            "id": "63517d302e75508514c59bc6",
            "name": "Johnson, John"
        . . .
    . . .

Notes on Values #

AttributeData TypeDescription
idstringThe unique identifier of the Referral Process Checklist.
processDocumentIdstringThe unique identifier of the Referral Process Document with which the Referral Process Checklist is associated.
subEntityIdstringThe unique identifier for the Sub-Entity with which the Referral Process Document is associated.
checklistsstringThe checklists attached to the Referral Process Document. Each checklist applies to a specific stage in the intake process.
checklists.idarray of objectsThe unique identifier for the checklist. stringThe name of the checklist, used to identify the intake stage to which it applies.
checklists.isCompletedbooleanWhether the checklist has been completed
checklists.items array of objectsThe checklist items which are contained in the checklist
checklists.items.idstringThe unique identifier of the checklist item.
checklists.items.labelstringThe label of the checklist item as it appears in the application.
checklists.items.allowBypassbooleanWhether an Intake User is allowed to select an “N/A” option as the checklist item’s outcome.
checklists.items.valuestringThe outcome of the checklist item.
(Note: Will be either “done”, “not applicable”, or a null value which indicates the item has not yet been completed)
checklists.items.notesstringAny notes left by the Intake User who completed the checklist item.
checklists.items.completedOndatetimeThe ISO datetime value, in UTC, at which the checklist item was completed.
(Note: Value will be null for incomplete items)
checklists.items.updatedByobjectThe Intake User who completed the checklist item, if any.
checklists.items.updatedBy.idstringThe unique identifier for the Intake User.
checklists.items.updatedBy.namestringThe name of the Intake User in “Last, First” format.