Queue Progress

In Supportable, a referral’s progress through the Queue stage is tracked by an Queue Progress record. Queue Progress records are associated with a Referral Process Document and contain information about whether the Queue stage has been completed and any Queue Progress Items which were created in the stage. A Queue Progress Item contains the location at which the Person was set to be placed, the scheduled time of placement and whether the placement occurred.

Sample Request #

HeadersAuthorization = Bearer [token]
GET https://connect.supportableapp.com/api/referrals/process-documents/

Sample Response JSON #

Status: 200

  "id": "639966d6375b94cfdaedad7a",
  "processDocumentId": "63996443375b94cfdaedad6a",
  "subEntityId": "6398b8a6904c0725a6e560f2",
  "isCompleted": true,
  "queueProgressItems": [
      "id": "1",
      "approval": true,
      "stageOutcome": {
        "id": "620d0968ca6095ccd3ed310e",
        "name": "Admitted"
      "admissionDate": "2022-12-14T00:00:00.000Z",
      "locationId": "63996381375b94cfdaedad5f",
      "createdDate": "2022-12-14T06:01:58.268Z"

Notes on Values #

AttributeData TypeDescription
idstringThe unique identifier for the Queue Progress record.
processDocumentIdstringThe unique identifier for the Referral Process Document with which the Queue Progress record is associated.
subEntityIdstringThe unique identifier for the Sub-Entity with which the Queue Progress record is associated.
isCompletedbooleanWhether the Queue stage for the referral is completed at this time.
(Note: For the Queue stage to be complete, there must be at least one Queue Progress Item with an “Admitted” outcome)
queueProgressItemsarray of objectsAny Queue Progress Items which have been added to the Queue Progress record.
queueProgressItems.idstringThe unique identifier of the Queue Progress Item. In this context, it also corresponds to the order in which the Queue Progress Item was created.
queueProgressItems.locationIdstringThe unique identifier of the Location at which the Person was set to be placed.
queueProgressItems.stageOutcomeobjectThe outcome of the Queue Progress Item, if any.
(Note: If the Queue Progress Item is unresolved or incomplete, this value will be null)
queueProgressItems.stageOutcome.idstringThe unique identifier of the outcome.
queueProgressItems.stageOutcome.namestringThe name of the outcome.
queueProgressItems.admissionDate datetimeThe ISO datetime value, in UTC, for which the placement was scheduled.
queueProgressItems.createdDatedatetimeThe ISO datetime value, in UTC, at which the Queue Progress Item was created.