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Bringing automation, reliability, and productivity to the most
important processes of your business.

Efficiency Our core process molds to your needs

Supportable keeps all your referrals in one organized place and puts them on an intuitive multi-stage track to admission, meeting all major milestones along the way.

Insurance Verification Confirm coverage right away

While performing intake, your team can use Supportable to verify insurance coverage to make sure your payments are in order.

Organization Consolidate your knowledge

Customize checklists for each stage, create screening questionnaires, and see the important information rise to the top of the heap.

Meaningful Reporting Stay on the pulse of your business

While your receive referrals and your team works, Supportable reports back in real time the metrics that matter to your marketing and operational efforts.

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Referral Intake Processing

Other Features

Contact Logs Track your communication

EHR Integration Move a person's information to where it needs to go

Audit Logging See who did what

Referral History View a person’s record of referrals

Payer Tracking Track your communication

Custom Roles Control visibility

Attachments Store external records

Document decisions Get insurance in order

Custom Locations Configure groups, sites, etc.

HIPAA Compliance Keep everything secure

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