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What is HIPAA-Compliant Software?

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created more protections for patient confidentiality and privacy. HIPAA security ensures practices follow all safety precautions before releasing health records and other sensitive patient information. Therefore, it’s vital for doctors and staff to keep accurate patient records and protect this information.

Given that, many healthcare organizations face disorganization and clutter if they use outdated software or traditional pen and paper in their record keeping. Still, if you work in healthcare, here are some tips on HIPAA-compliant software that can help streamline patient data and documentation through a secure, private network.

What Does HIPAA-Compliant Software Mean?

HIPAA-compliant software refers to the internal application or services your organization uses for patient records, referrals, and document storage with safeguards and privacy features meeting the HIPAA requirements. Typically, this software uses the HIPAA professional certification to meet these rules.

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How HIPAA-Compliant Software Can Help Your Healthcare Organization

With that in mind, HIPAA-compliant software enables your organization to facilitate its services, like secure messaging, hosting services, and cloud storage. Some other notable features include

  • Business associate management
  • HIPAA training courses
  • Transparent documentation
  • Data security and real-time reporting
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Self-audits and risk assessments

Having all of these features ensures less clutter for doctors and staff. HIPAA-compliant software offers solutions to drive efficiency and accountability. Furthermore, security and protection allow seamless data transfers between healthcare systems without risking a data breach or security risk.

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