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What Are the Best Ways to Track Patient Referrals?

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Patient acquisition is the number one priority for primary care physicians and health system professionals. Although word of mouth can improve the referral process, it can also cause referral leakage with lost patient information.

If this sounds like your current practice, you need to change your patient referral tracking system to improve your referral data. Here are some of the best ways to track patient referrals for your business.

Referral Tracking Spreadsheets

Referral tracking spreadsheets are a good way to initiate the referral tracking process. You can test first-time referral programs and approve manual payouts. Although, spreadsheets can create complex detailed data logs, which may cause more backlog if your staff is unorganized.

Still, they are a simpler alternative for small businesses that don’t want to overload their operations with complex programs.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another way to track patient referrals. It has a built-in model allowing you to track conversions on your web pages. Best of all, you can filter the actions taken on your site. You can monitor which marketing channels work best for your company.

Patient Referral Tracking Software

Referral Management Software

Referral tracking tools are one of the best ways to track patient referrals from a central hub. This software has a built-in tracking system to manage patient data, staff accountability, and organization.

For example, Supportable is a referral tracking software that brings automation, reliability, and productivity to health service companies across the country. With a simple interface housing various features, staff can automate their referral workflow in real time. That means greater security in your referral network and more actionable insights for referrals management.

UTM Parameters

Lastly, UTM parameters identify the specific referral campaigns that bring traffic to your website. Each referring patient receives the URL they’ll share with friends and family. UTM Parameters allow you to track data based on these links.

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