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Many behavioral healthcare organizations struggle with patient processing and treatment verification. If this sounds like your facility, consider using Supportable. Supportable is a sufficient intake behavioral health software designed to simplify intake processing. Take a look and see how Supportable’s many features can help your business.

Supportable Makes Your Behavioral Health Practices Smoother

Every healthcare practice needs the right in-house organization software to streamline patient referrals, data tracking, documentation, and payments. Behavioral and mental health facilities especially need this for potential patients with mental illness or addiction. With Supportable, you can manage your in-house operations with many notable features, such as

With Supportable, your behavioral health facility will never struggle with cluttered paperwork or feel overwhelmed with treatment processing again. Admitting new patient intake forms has never been easier.

Advantages of Admissions Software for Intake Behavioral Health

In addition to Suppotrable’s many features, there are also numerous advantages for your behavioral health facility, like

  • Treatment Authorization: Supportable’s easy-to-use platform allows staff to verify patients’ insurance for personalized treatment and other mental health services without unnecessary complications. Insurance requests transfer faster, allowing patients to enter treatment once they start the admissions process and coverage kicks in.
  • Qualifying Patients: Staff members must contact insurance companies for the Verification of Benefits (VOB) before admitting new patients. Supportable simplifies this process with fast communication and document transferring for efficient VOB authorization.
  • Real-Time Data Tracking: Our behavioral health admissions software further allows constant communication with patients, admissions teams, and medical professionals. Whether it’s for referral processing, treatment authorization, prescription documentation, or other important medical information, Supportable’s interface guarantees real-time tracking to manage everything in one centralized location.

Why Supportable?

We started Supportable with one main goal: to help healthcare facilities improve their in-house organization. After spending years talking to various behavioral health facilities, we found a common problem in their paper referral processing: overwhelming processing for understaffed facilities. Therefore, we created Supportable to maximize efficiency and convert referrals into revenue. Supportable is a HIPAA-compliant software designed to improve mental health intake operations and treatment plans for long-term dependable results.

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