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Many healthcare businesses cannot find a reliable customer relationship management software (CRM) that effortlessly facilitates patient referral processes. All too often, staff members write down patient information on miscellaneous paperwork which can get confusing or even misplaced. Supportable replaces this disorganized system by organizing your intake operations with seamless efficiency, reporting, and data tracking. 

Supportable provides the perfect system to track referral source and patient satisfaction in one single-source location.

Referral Management Software That’s Easy to Use

Supportable comes with a variety of features to help streamline your internal operations. We feel the main four cornerstones of efficient healthcare CRM are

  • Efficiency: Manage referrals in one place with a simple multi-stage tracking system to hit every milestone.
  • Insurance Verification: Verifies insurance coverage and manages payments.
  • Organization: Customize checklists and create screening questionnaires based on a multi-stage platform to keep track of all information.
  • Meaningful Reporting: Real-time metrics to keep track of referrals and internal operations.

Our application considers these four metrics to create an intuitive tracking system that admissions staff will appreciate. Additionally, our software offers visible role control to see who does what and when they do it. Payer communication ensures a faster, transparent overview of insurance and payment options. The audit logging and attachment features allow staff to see who worked on, and where they stored, external records. Best of all, Supportable is HIPAA compliant so you can easily keep everything secure. 

Industries We Support

We designed Supportable for Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Human Services, and Substance Use industries. Here are some of the industries Supportable is perfectly suited for:

  • Substance Use Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Customized Living
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Detox Centers
  • Daycare Centers
  • Eating Disorder Clinics or Residences
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Services or Residences

With our straightforward approach, Supportable makes everyone in the health service facility feel better about their internal system. Supportable’s simple interface ensures less frustration and wait time for staff to do their job, and ensures they have all the tools necessary to do their job without frustration.

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We built Supportable with a goal – to provide a simple solution for struggling health service facilities. Instead of dealing with your current inadequate management system, contact us today to see the difference for yourself. If you have any questions, we invite you to call us at 952-564-3005.

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