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In your world, there are two types of front-end customers:

  • Those who are or might be receiving a service.
  • Those who send you referrals.

Your CRM needs to handle both of these. No exceptions.

If you need reliable referral and admissions process that also tracks your referral sources, here’s how Supportable can help.

Customized Process

We get it. You have your own way of doing things. You might even provide service to a very specific group of people. This is what sets you apart from the others.

Supportable offers you the ability configure the milestones of your process and create your own screening questionnaires so that your team knows exactly what information to gather. Once the information is gathered, the high-level points of consideration rise to the top so you can:

  • easily see what’s going on with the person being referred;
  • make a quick decision on how to best serve the person;
  • protect your business from potential liabilities.
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Clearly See the Status of Every. Single. Referral. Get Analysis on How Your Team Is Performing

Supportable offers many features, like eligibility verification, screening questionnaires, contact logs, and more. You can manage client progress through real-time central tracking, note-keeping, and scheduling, to name a few. Supportable provides the way for your team to be more efficient and reduce their workload.

All the while, Supportable is collecting information in real time and reporting is back to you. Get metrics on things like:


  • Process Throughput: How long does it actually take for a person to start services with you? Which parts of your process are creating bottlenecks and barriers?
  • Referral Outcomes: What percentage of your referrals actually turning into service provided? Which services seem to be more difficult get people started with?
  • Rejection Reasons: What are the reasons your referrals are being rejected? Are there any trends here? Are there opportunities for us to open a new program or service line?

Referral Sources

  • Referrals by State, County/Parish, City: Where are your referrals coming from? Where are you admitting people the most?
  • Referrals by Agency and Person: Who is giving you the most referrals? Who is giving you the BEST referrals? Which agencies do they work for? Who do you need to provide more education about your business to?

And so on, and so on….

Always HIPAA Complaint

Seeing lackluster medical software for mental health professionals spurred us to create Supportable with HIPAA compliance. Patient confidentiality is key for any physician, but it’s especially crucial in therapy and psychiatry. With Supportable, you never have to worry about losing confidential information or patient trust. Supportable keeps everything secure in a HIPAA-compliant database to streamline your daily operations.

Why Supportable?

  • Experience: We’re not just some random tech people. We come with decades upon decades of experience providing service in the Behavioral Health space.
  • Focus: This is all we do, and we do it well. As opposed to CRM components that some EHRs offer on the side, we are committed to being the best at this.
  • Portability: As a standalone system, we have the ability to migrate with you if or when you decide to switch EHRs.

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